Revenue Cycle Management

Simplexmed is a full service medical billing company that helps healthcare providers lower costs and increase revenues

  • One-Stop Solution For Your Practice

  • All claims submitted within 24 hours

  • 95% claims paid the first time

  • Payments received in 15 days

Why Simplexmed...

Medical Billing Services

Full or Partial Billing Services, Coding services, Account Receivable Audits & Collections, Aggressive Insurance Collections, ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice), Claims Follow-up. Electronic Claims submission / Resubmission, Patient Billing & Collections, Payment Posting

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Medical Billing Benefits

Billing Services help medical providers and clinics, Improve their financial performance, Provide tools and insights to achieve your business objectives, Improve your cash flow, Eliminate medical billing headaches, Collect more money faster, Reduce staffing liabilities & Reduce payers denial Reduce errors

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Medical Billing Process

Efficient, accurate and complete data exchange, Electronic claims processing, Paper claims processing, Coding Services,  Aggressive AR follow up, Insurance collections, Payment postings, EOB analysis, Patient Statements and balance collections, Monthly practice analysis

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Emergency Departments

Emergency room medical billing can be complex and that is why the assistance of experienced professionals in this job is advisable. Emergency care and services may be provided by cardiologists, respiratory therapists, radiologists, physician specialty consultants, or the hospital facility itself.

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Our Medical Billing Service Gets You Paid Faster

Simplexmed, simplifies every step of the practice management process from the initial scheduling of an appointment to the tedious billing and remittance tasks following every patient visit. As a result of our extensive support and professional relationship, our customers become lifetime partners.

Claim Submissions 98%
Coding 95%
Denial Management 99%
Aging Report 94%

One-Stop Solution For Your Practice

Your Practice Gets All Better From Here

We are your partners in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Revenue cycle management

We make sure to collect every dollar you’re entitled by providing the best medical billing solutions for your practice. We provide automated data entry by integrating with EHR

We are here to help you

Achieve greater profitability for your medical practice with Simplexmed, a trusted medical billing company, while freeing up your time to focus on patients.

Latest healthcare technology

What sets us apart from other medical billing companies is our cutting-edge technology and experienced personnel, which anticipates and prevents coding and billing errors.

Payments received in 15 days

At Simplexmed, we take the pain out of billing for all practices. Whether you are a solo practitioner or a group practice, if you accept insurance.

Emergency Room Billing Services

You work hard to balance the demands of medicine and business. It’s no easy task ensuring your practice delivers quality patient care, higher productivity and increased cash flow, all while trying to comply with ever-changing regulations and payer guidelines.

Emergency Departments

Emergency Departments

From demographic downloads to expert coding, we will help maximize Emergency Department group’s revenue per ER visit.

Free Standing Emergency Rooms

Free Standing ER

We have deep industry expertise and fully understand the complexities of billing for Free Standing Emergency Rooms.



Hospitalists have a unique and important role in a patient’s hospital care. We can help to streamline the billing process for this complex speciality

Urgent Care

Urgent Care

Not an ER and not and office – Urgent Care Centers can benefit from the expertise found at Simplexmed.

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